These guys absolutely ripped up The Hope during The Great Escape festival 2012 - really can’t wait to get them back with Broken Hands ( and Dirty White Fever ( on Thursday 31st May.

Check out full event info here:

Tickets available here:

Hope to see you there!

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With The Great Escape Festival done and dusted for another year, you’d be excused for having a quiet one this weekend… NOT!

DUB MAFIA are very much in effect this Saturday with their unique and infectious live dubstep - if you’ve seen them on youtube, or rocking Outlook Festival, Nozstock: The Hidden Valley, Glastonbury Festival (official) etc, you’ll know what we’re talking about!

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Finally… Very much looking forward to this!

2 years ago

Lots of festival flavas on the brand new FUR E.P.
Do check it.

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First little shiver of excitement for this year’s festival season… The sun is shining in Brighton! :)
2 years ago

‎”Gangsta got an iron-lung!” Cee-Lo Green… This is going to be awesome.

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Gang Colours with the effortless ‘Fancy Restaurant’. The debut album is out in February.

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Many thanks to the guys at HMCMB for the great photos they’ve taken here at The Hope in the last year.

Be sure to check out their site here!:

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Remarkable voice has Foxes. We like!

2 years ago

These guys will be playing at The Hope in March! Watch this space…

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